Wineclub Policy:

  1. If your wine has not been picked up within 90 days of its release, we cannot guarantee the availability of the wine included in the release.  In this situation we reserve the right to swap the bottle(s) with a different bottle of equal value.
  2. If your wine has not been picked up within 120 days of its release, we will ship the wine to the address on file at additional expense to you.
  3. Your information will never be shared with anyone, for any reason.  Your personal information, including your credit card number, will be kept in compliance with PCI DSS standards.
  4. We will always attempt to use the lowest cost shipping (usually Golden State Overnight) to get you your wine!  We do not upcharge on shipping or packing materials, so the charge you see on your receipt is the real cost that we pay to ship your wine.  Shipping prices also change with the seasons as rates go up and down which is why we shop around for low cost shipping.