2014 Syrah, California

2014 Campus Oaks Syrah, California

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The Campus Oaks Syrah comes from the wonderful Chateau Meroux vineyard!

The 27 acre vineyard is planted on a series of shallow sloped hills surrounding the chateau.  Its proximity to nearby bodies of water provide cool mornings and nights, while the warm summer sun helps to perfectly ripen the fruit.  

Winemaker's Tasting Notes

The wine has a dark, inky, purple color.  The aroma has hints of blackberry, fruit leather, and subtle hints of cedar.  On the palate it presents with bing cherry, blackberry and dark chocolate.  The finish is medium-long with a lingering dark chocolate covered cherry.

How We Make It

The Campus Oaks Syrah is a harmonious blend of two different styles.  In one way it is like an Australian Shiraz with respect to its intense fruitiness and exceptionally dark color, but in another way it has the crispness and the finish of a French Syrah.  Half of the wine is fermented hot, and typically undergoes a week long extended masceration to extract more color and tannins.  The other half is fermented cool to retain its natural fruitiness and herbal notes.  The two halves are then combined and aged on a blend of French and American Oak long enough to give the wine a light oak flavor, but short enough to not make the wine too tannic.