Gnekow Family Winery, founded in 1996, has been producing quality wines of distinction for over 20 years!  From our signature Campus Oaks Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel (Winner of 23 Gold Medals to date!), to our more current release of the Gnekow Family Winery line of wines, quality has always been our primary goal.  

What do we believe makes a quality wine you ask? A quality wine is one whose aroma awakens your senses, whose flavor is strong and impactful, and whose finish lingers on the palate. A quality wine is one that surprises you with these exceptional qualities, yet it remains affordable enough to enjoy on a regular basis. We believe in sourcing the best grapes from the nearby Lodi region, using a hands on winemaking approach that is both Old World and New World, and oak ageing our wine just enough to perfectly frame the beautiful fruit that we are trying to showcase. This, we feel, is what quality is all about!

Our Winemaker and General Manager, David Brown, has been the driving force in upholding this guiding principal of quality since he joined Gnekow Family Winery just prior to the 2014 Harvest. David is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of University of California Davis in the Viticulture and Enology program and has brought "new winemaking wisdom" to his veteran cellar crew here at the winery.

Gnekow Family Winery is located in the rural town of Collegeville, about 13 miles East of Stockton, California. Our tasting room is located right above the winery cellar and is open by appointment only, while our online store is open 24/7!